Origin of the name (translation of the Sylvia explanation)

What does it mean? Where does it originate?

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Origin of the name (translation of the Sylvia explanation)

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According to the (Dutch) Central Bureau of Genealogy (CBG) in The Hague, The Netherlands (www.cbg.nl), the Siekman-name has no Dutch origin.
Names starting with S(Z)ie(c)k have their roots in northern West Germany. In 1695 northeast of the city of Hamburg there was a little village called “Sieck”. In many street names in Germany, the word “siek” appears regularly.

The translation of S(Z)ie(c)k in English is “trench/ditch” or “watercourse through a wet and damp area”. An explanation for the Siekman-name could be a person living in or near such a place. It could also mean he was working at one of the peaty areas where many of these ditches were dug (to get turf).

Another explanation could be that Siekman derives from Siegmann. “Sigi” is the Germanic word for “victory/hero”. Maybe someone a long time ago won a fight and called himself Siegmann, in course of which the ‘G’ over time turned to a ‘K’. (According to Sylvia this information comes from Jeff Stettin, who was examining “Siek” related names (stettin@webtv.net for further info).
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